Inseparable: Twins cause double take

Story and photo by Melissa Buckley
GUIDON staff

Except for the two minutes when one was delivered before the other, two Soldiers in training on Fort Leonard Wood have been together their whole lives. That togetherness continues as the fraternal twins find themselves in the same brigade, battalion, platoon and even bunk,

Pvt. Alton Davis, the older twin, and Pvt. Jalon Davis even have the same military occupational specialty.…     Read More...


A sexual assault survivor's story

By a survivor
Special to GUIDON

Sexual assault is a hot topic — one  addressed in annual training and by leaders throughout the chain of command — yet the details of victims’ stories are seldom mentioned. This is understandable.

These…    


Roadside Park to reflect Route 66 roots

Special to GUIDON

The nonprofit Pulaski County Route 66 Preservation Corporation has announced its plans to develop a Route 66 Neon Park within the existing George M. Reed Roadside Park in St. Robert.

When completed, the development will feature restored, orphaned Route 66 neon signs with corresponding story boards to inform visitors about the history of each sign. Designed to be viewed both during daylight and especially after dark, the new…     Read More...


43rd AG wins Commander's Cup mini-golf title

Story and photos by Matt Decker
Leisure/Sports editor

Less than 10 strokes separated the top three teams in this year’s Commander’s Cup Mini Golf Tournament, which was won by the 43rd Adjutant General Battalion Friday at Fort Leonard Wood’s Rec Plex facility on Constitution Avenue.

“We had a good time — winning is fun,” said Lt. Col. Tony Bauer, 43rd AG Bn. commander and player, seconds after he and teammates…     Read More...