58th Trans. hosts truck rodeo

Story and photo by Marti Yoshida
Assistant editor

Fort Leonard Wood’s Training Area 228 parking lot was transformed into a rodeo Friday.

Instead of cowboys riding horses and bulls, Soldiers with the 58th Transportation Battalion participated in a truck rodeo where 88M, motor transport operators, maneuvered 5- to 10-ton vehicles through tight spaces and  orange traffic cones.

The 24 participants for this year’s event competed in three, graded obstacles to include: parallel-parking a 40-foot tractor trailer system, moving a load handling system through a serpentine course and alley-backing a 5-ton cargo truck to a docking zone.

“We instruct all the 88M motor transport operators, so this is a great opportunity to promote friendly competition among the instructors. They teach students every day, and they rarely get a chance to do something together,” said Lt. Col. Steve Howell, 58th Trans. Bn. commander, whose battalion…     Read More...