Installationís historic driving tour gives glimpse of past

By Dawn Arden
Managing editor

Fort Leonard Wood is home to many sites of interest, which include both historical and natural highlights. These points of interest may be visited by taking a driving tour of the installation.

The current driving tour is a collaborative effort between the installation’s John B. Mahaffey Museum and the Directorate of Public Works’, Natural Resources Division, to enlighten those living on and visiting the installation.

“All locations are places we think visitors and community members should visit or will need to visit when they come here, like Nutter Field House, Gammon Field or historically significant sites,” said Stephanie Nutt, Cultural Resources Program coordinator, Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands, DPW Environmental Division. “I think it’s important for community members and visitors to learn about the history right in front of them, that they may not realize is there.”Read More...