Inseparable: Twins cause double take

Story and photo by Melissa Buckley
GUIDON staff

Except for the two minutes when one was delivered before the other, two Soldiers in training on Fort Leonard Wood have been together their whole lives. That togetherness continues as the fraternal twins find themselves in the same brigade, battalion, platoon and even bunk,

Pvt. Alton Davis, the older twin, and Pvt. Jalon Davis even have the same military occupational specialty.

“I feel fortunate. Being in the same platoon makes this experience better for both of us. There are a lot of people here who wish they had their Family here, too. We know we are lucky to still be together,” Alton said.

On their 19th birthday in March, the twins started Basic Combat Training in Company D, 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Chemical Brigade.

“We ended up in…