Fort Bragg team triumphs in Best Sapper Competition

GUIDON staff

Hailing from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Capt. Jason Bahmer and Sgt. 1st Class David Rizo, Team 5, proved victorious in Fort Leonard Wood’s 10th Best Sapper Competition.

Bahmer and Rizo, assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division, brought their A-game to defeat the other 47 two-person teams, who covered more than 50 miles in 50 hours as a part of the BSC events, which tested their physical and mental prowess.

 “This is my second time competing; last year was my first,” Bahmer said. “We’re just happy that we could compete. We’re glad to represent the 82nd Airborne Division and do so well.”

 According to Rizo, he and Bahmer did a lot to prepare for the competition, which helped to reassure them about  competing.

 “I was ecstatic; we put a lot into this for the train up at our home…     Read More...