Cage brings out the ‘Hulk’ in chaplain’s assistant

Story and photos by Stephen Standifird
Assistant editor

Within a Fort Leonard Wood chaplain’s assistant rests a dormant beast, an alter ego not unlike the one depicted by an action figure atop his desk.

Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Duncan doesn’t have the appearance or the attitude of an aggressive Soldier. His bright smile and playful laugh portray a kind-hearted attitude. But there is another side to the Nashville, Tennessee, native.

Duncan compares himself to Bruce Banner in that both are mild mannered, sensitive and intelligent, but like Banner, Duncan has a “Hulk” within that is unleashed when needed.

The transformation takes place when Duncan is competing in the Modern Army Combatives Program.

“The ‘Hulk’ comes out for a specific purpose,” Duncan said. “When the cage door shuts, then my ‘Hulk’ comes out. When it opens, I can be Bruce Banner again,” he…     Read More...