Army values motivate girl from Baghdad to Soldier

Story and photo by Dawn Arden
Assistant editor

A camouflage pencil and American Soldiers displaying Army Values led an Iraqi girl down the path to joining the U.S. Army.

Pvt. Mari Hamid, Company C, 58th Transportation Battalion, Advanced Individual Training Soldier, is at Fort Leonard Wood to become a transportation specialist.

She and her Family moved to the United States just two months shy of her 15th birthday, with the help of the United Nations.

Hamid grew up to the sound of gunfire and the presence of the American military.

“I was happy that there was military there. I was obsessed with the (American) military since the beginning,” Hamid said. “But it was horrible at the same time, all the fire-fights. It was bad, 24-7.”

Hamid said her first contact with American Soldiers…