4th MEB leads gap crossing exercise

Story by Staff Sgt. Kelly Malone
Special GUIDON

The Fort Riley, Kansas-based 1st Infantry Division conducted a combined arms gap crossing exercise with the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade’s 5th Engineer Battalion spearheading the operation, Aug. 18 through 21.

“We came together this week as a unified maneuver enhancement team to support a 1st Infantry Division gap crossing exercise,” said Col. Andy Munera, 4th MEB commander.

Munera went on to say every battalion played a significant role, from the 5th Eng. Bn. taking the lead in wet and dry gap crossings plus providing logistical support, the 92nd Military Police Battalion providing security, the 94th Engineer Battalion fulfilling role of hostile forces, and the brigade headquarters’ trusted mission command.

The 50th Multi Role Bridge Company, 5th Eng. Bn. led the main effort of the operation by erecting three separate bridges — two for water crossing and…     Read More...