Test your Warrior Ethos: Combatives tournament set for September

By Mike Bowers
Managing editor

There is one Soldier who doesn’t need to showcase his hand-to-hand combat skills at the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Post-Level Combatives Tournament, scheduled Sept. 9 to 11 at Davidson Fitness Center.

Sgt. Brandon Bunner, 5th Engineer Battalion Combatives Training Facility noncommissioned officer in charge, is the combatives alpha male, mentor and coach of the Fort Leonard Wood Combatives School.

As a U.S. Army Level-IV Army Tactical Combatives instructor, he is the organizer of the tournament that is open to all service members, including Reservists stationed on post. There will be nine male and female categories, including a new weight class.

“Previously, anyone more than 205 pounds was put into a catch-all heavyweight category,” Bunner said. “We’ve now added a 225-pound and below category to help even out the possible weight difference.”

Weigh-ins take place at…