4th MEB conducts Vibrant Response

By Staff Sgt. Kelly Malone
Special to GUIDON

A group of 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Soldiers returned to Fort Leonard Wood, in late July after conducting the annual Vibrant Response exercise at various training areas in Indiana.

The exercise’s scenario centered around a mock nuclear detonation in a large American city that overwhelmed local and regional capabilities. Its purpose was to test the 4th MEB’s lead as task force operations for the Joint Task Force-Civil Support’s Defense Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response Force, or DCRF. The “Dauntless” brigade Soldiers were alerted, mobilized and deployed following the mock explosion.

The 4th MEB’s DCRF mission, which continues through May,  is to save lives and mitigate human suffering in a homeland chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear environment in support of the local, state and federal agencies that would respond in an actual disaster.

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