CFC ends locally, contact goal met

By Derek Gean
Assistant editor

The Fort Leonard Wood Combined Federal Campaign concluded in December with CFC representatives meeting their goal of reaching 100 percent of the Soldiers and federal employees on Fort Leonard Wood.

Locally, installation CFC participants raised $138,229 for charity. The program provides federal employees with the opportunity to donate money to charity through a one-time donation or payroll deduction. Fort Leonard Wood falls under the umbrella of the Gateway CFC out of St. Louis. To date, the entire gateway region has raised $2,142,420, falling just short of its $2.25 million goal. According to CFC officials, the final totals are still being tallied.

The theme for the 2016 program was “Show Some Love.”

“Fort Leonard Wood demonstrated this by stepping up and donating to the charities that individuals felt near and dear to their hearts,” said Jackie…     Read More...