Turkey Time: Tips for cooking a successful Thanksgiving bird

Story by Kyrene Resel
GUIDON volunteer

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it just wouldn’t be complete without the turkey, but for many military Families, the turkey could be a challenge. This may be their first time away from “home” where cooking  was “mom’s” job. So, if it’s your first time, where do you start?

Before you can feast on the Thanksgiving bird, there are a lot of decisions to make and questions to be asked. For example, how many pounds should you get? How will you buy it — frozen or fresh? Will you fry it, smoke it, or roast it? How will you prepare it — stuff it, marinate it, brine it?

This year, we have decided to provide, How to Cook Turkey 101.

Before you can begin to cook a turkey, you have to decide how much turkey to serve. According…     Read More...