Suicide prevention: Learn to identify, act on warning signs

By Anita Spiess, Dr. Eren  Watkins and Lt. Col. David Bowerman
Special to GUIDON

Your boss gives you a poor performance review. Your girlfriend says, “That’s it. I’m gone.” You’re afraid your pay won’t stretch to cover both your rent and your credit card bill.

We have all experienced blows to our self-esteem, problems at work, losses of people important to us and anxiety about how to pay our bills. So if these things are happening to a friend, you can understand how they are feeling.

But how do we recognize when that friend is considering suicide?

Here are some scenarios that illustrate warning signs and some stressors that might put someone at risk for suicide:

Mike was always punctual, safe and careful. These days he is often late to work and has been missing meetings. He’s also driving his motorcycle irresponsibly…     Read More...