National Alcohol Awareness Month

By Maj. Gen. Kent Savre and Command Sgt. Maj. Jon Stanley
Special to GUIDON

During the month of April, our nation turns its focus to raising awareness of the dangers and long-term health concerns related to alcohol consumption.

Excessive drinking and alcohol abuse have the potential to not only damage the lives of individuals, but also has negative impacts for Families, communities and readiness.

Alcohol’s effects to the consumer include changes to heart rate and blood pressure, impaired motor skills, and, if over-consumed, stomach damage, liver cirrhosis, brain damage or even death.

 Alcohol has been linked to inter-personal issues such as violence, unhealthy relationships, performance issues at school or in the workplace, and undue risk to the safety of our loved ones and community members.

Leaders should ensure that all service members know the dangers of alcohol, and leaders should remain engaged…     Read More...