Celebrate nationís history

By Maj. Gen. Kent Savre and Command Sgt. Maj. Roy Ward
Special to GUIDON

This Independence Day,  we will celebrate the United States of America’s 240th birthday by honoring our nation’s rich history founded on the ideas that all people are created equal, that freedom and opportunity are to be cherished and preserved, and that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental to the American way of life.

However, as we celebrate, it is important we exercise safety in all we do.

Far too often, accidents are avoidable, which is why we strongly encourage everyone to practice risk mitigation techniques every day.  

This weekend, be sure to identify, prepare for and mitigate potential hazards or mishaps while grilling, boating, operating motorized vehicles and while watching or lighting fireworks.

While traveling both long and short distances, ensure that vehicles are properly…     Read More...