U.S. Army part of shaping ‘the King’s’ legacy

By Mike Bowers
Managing editor

It’s all right if you don’t know Elvis’ first recorded single and release. “It’s Alright (Mama)” was recorded in 1954, something I didn’t know until I recently visited Graceland.

I was not a fan of Elvis Aaron Presley growing up in rural North Carolina in a predominately black sharecropper community.

Since my mother, brother and I listened primarily to variety radio stations back then in the 60s, we heard Elvis’ music on our battery powered transistor radio.

I remember the older folks would shake their heads in disbelief during discussions about his provocative dancing, all agreeing the hip gyrations were a negative influence on the young’uns.

Later, when we got our first television, we watched his movies, which I enjoyed. Elvis movies always featured pretty girls (I was in my early teens), and he was always the hero.Read More...