Living the Army Values means you live to a higher standard

By Mike Bowers
Managing editor

I saw an example of Army Values one Sunday that was better than any commercial produced for television.

It was a real, live episode without cameras, producers, scripts or drill sergeants.

The star was a female private who did the right thing without encouragement when none of her superiors were watching. I was watching.

The event happened at the 1:30 p.m. matinee in front of Abrams Theater. A line had formed nearly 30 minutes before the movie was about to begin. A mix of Soldiers and civilians stood patiently in a queue that formed at the theater entrance and snaked into the parking lot with no shade from the blazing sun.

I took my place behind a group of Soldiers in training. From behind me came a group of privates who were immediately summoned by one of their…     Read More...