It's good to take stock of your spiritual fitness

By Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David Bowerman
Special to GUIDON

 For Soldiers, taking the Army physical  fitness test twice a year is a good indicator of changes in physical fitness — the number of sit-ups and pushups performed and the 2-mile run time can increase or decrease, as well as weight. These things can show progress or the need for improvement. Physical fitness is important for accomplishing the mission and staying healthy. Whether you are a Soldier or Department of Army civilian, Family member or retiree, taking stock of your health will reap great benefits.

 What about your spiritual fitness?

 Spirituality has to do with a person’s world view, sense of morality and ethics and sense of meaning. It is easy to confuse spirituality with religious practice; in fact, even atheists and agnostics can be spiritual. Buddhists are not necessarily theists, but few would…     Read More...