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Thursday, 05 August 2010
By Kerstin Lopez
GUIDON staff

The Appreciation of Excellence Awards ceremony, July 28, celebrated and recognized individuals that exhibit above and beyond service to the Fort Leonard Wood community.

The ceremony included length of service awards, Army Achievement Medals, intramural and special awards. The celebration is intended to reward and inspire positive attitudes, exceptional performance and extraordinary customer service efforts that support the tenets of Army Values.

Maj. Gen. David Quantock, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general, said these award ceremonies are important for the entire post community.

“Today we recognized a community of excellence that does tremendous things for our nation every single day on Fort Leonard Wood,” the general said. “It takes everybody — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, civilians and contractors — it takes a community to build a community of excellence.”

Quantock encouraged the Fort Leonard Wood community to strive to be the best and to continue to give 110 percent in everything they do.

“What I want for this installation is a community of excellence that really is the example for the rest of the Army of what a post should look like and act like,” he said. “There are over 125 awardees today … but if every single individual on this installation makes their fighting position a little bit better every single day, or their goal is to make this installation a little bit better every single day, we cannot help but become a post and a community of excellence.”

The awards and individuals recognized are listed as follows:

Length of Sevice Award

35 Years of Service

Peggy Davis, G8, Mission Budget

Army Achievement Medal

1st Quarter

Joint Service Member NCO – Master Sgt. Catherine O’Mara

Joint Service Member Junior Enlisted – Senior Airman Derek Smart

Drill Sergeant of the Quarter – Staff Sgt. Thomas Feagin

AIT Platoon Sergeant of the Quarter – Sgt. 1st Class Enicka Williams

Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter – Sgt. Jorge Hernandez

Achievement Medal for Civilian Service

Larry Lazo

Youth nominations

Brandon Kidwell

Precious Parker

Willie Parker

Rebecca Stocker

Coin awardsRonald AcupKory EffingerRussell GehrleinDaniel GoffYong GrossRhonda HutsellSgt. 1st Class Daniel LevasseurJoe MataChuck MatthewsKelly McBrideConstructionman Samantha NashBobette PayneGeorge PrewettJim RollinsBarbara SullivanStaff Sgt. Eric TrombleyRandall WestJanet WilliamsVicki Woody

Outstanding community supporters

Dan ReiterSpringfield CardinalsManager of Corporate Partnerships

Law Enforcement USO Benefit Bike Ride Support Team

Joseph Brauer, Lebanon Chief of Police

Richard Wrinkle, Laclede County Sheriff

Robert Carter, Waynesville Chief of PoliceJ.B. King, Pulaski County Sheriff Curtis Curenton, St. Robert Chief of Police

Team awards

USAMPS Command and Tactics Division Snowbirds Team

Lt. Alexander Kaplan

Lt. Laura Means

USAMPS Law Enforcement Accreditation Programs Team

Steve Golden

Jim Reilly

USACBRNS, DOT&LD, Joint Experimentation and Analysis Division Team

Robin Byrom

Joe Call

Ernie Haney

554th EN BN Sapper Leader Course Construction Improvement TeamPvt. George BradleySpc. Richard SpindenSpc. Andrew Uribe

Directorate of Support Services and Materiel Team

Chet Thomas and Mike Friend accepting.

Maintenance Division Reset Team

Adrian Atterberry    Roy Rhoads

Chad Bancroft    Joshua Taylor

Ricky Brashear    Joshua Teal

Patrick Combs    Donley Thompson

Dwayne Felton    Christopher Tolbert

Bruce Martin    Tim Townsend

Samuel Myres    Billy Waters

Edward Poulson    

DHR Trainee/Student Transition Team

Eric Clark

Koren Dietrich

Portia Ellis

Jeremy Rowe

Darci Wilburn

Susan Wiley

14th Military Police Brigade TRADOC Accreditation Team

Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas BenyoSgt. 1st Class Joshua Harvey

Jayne Hasik

Sgt. Larry Hatfield

Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Primeaux

Frances Rivera

1st Lt. Beth Sloss

Saunci Steele

Sgt. 1st Class Malachi Thornton

DHR Identification Card Facility

Melinda Alexander

Ingrid Allwood

Heather Gardner

James Jennings

Jill Kelley

Gloria Ragland

Beverly Roberts

Adolph Symitczek

Johnny Tejeda

Pam Tyler            

Fort Leonard Wood Earth Day 2010 Volunteer Team

Hannah Lenox  

Jacob Lenox  

Megan Lenox

Cedar Jake Lohraff

2010 African American Black History Month Observance Committee Team

Sgt. 1st Class Michael Ascott

Dr. William Boone

First Sgt. Damis Cleveland

Eddie Goodman

Staff Sgt. Lajuya Hackley

Sgt. 1st Class William Houston

Sgt. 1st Class Peter Kieliszewski

Capt. Kiki Kirkpatrick

Staff Sgt. Misty Laketusing        

First Sgt. Timothy Larrington        

Jocelyn Morris

Tammy Mullen            

Command Sgt. Maj. Douglas Padgett    

Barbara Sullivan        

Mary Welser             

Janet Williams            

DFMWR Food and Beverage Specialists Team

Phillip Kitzko

Eunsuk Park

Jerry Simmons

43rd Adjutant General Battalion Mission Realignment Team

Staff Sgt. Gina Askew

Staff Sgt. Joyce Hernandez

Michelle Nordman

Elaine Price

Staff Sgt. Sybil Walker

2nd Lt. Weston Williams

2010 Army G-1 Project “Home Front” Team


Spc. Ben Allen     1st Lt. Matthew Doherty

Spc.  Raheim Allen     

Sgt. 1st Class Michael Doty

Sgt. William Allen     

Pfc. Lorenzo Dudley

Sgt.  Jeri Amador    

Spc.  Charles Ennin

Chris Billadeau    

Spc.  Donald Ervin

Spc.  Lemuel Bolling     

Staff Sgt. Larry Fowler

Spc.  Reginald Bush     

Spc.  Brett Gallagher

Spc.  Theodore Capes     

Spc.  Richard Garcia

Spc.  Timothy Clevenger     

Pfc. Robert Gessner

Sgt.  Stepheon Coles     

Sgt.  Joseph Green

Sgt.  Allen Crawford     

Spc.  Benjamin Guevara

Spc.  Kyle Cross    

Staff Sgt. Tyrone Hamlin

Sgt.  Heather Denby    

Sgt.  Brian Hayward


Sgt.  Stephen Horton     

Spc.  Timothy Mahony

Spc.  Kristopher Hourigan     

Spc.  Timothy Maltby

Spc.  Jamie House     

Spc.  Dennis Marcely

Spc.  Rian Huff     

Joe Mata

Capt. Marshall James    

Sgt. 1st Class Donovan McManus

Spc.  Blade Johnson    

Spc.  Brandon Melendy

Sgt.  Kennith Johnson    

Spc.  Chailee Natal

Pfc. Wiyaou Kamizawe    

Spc.  Andrew Nord

Spc.  Jeremy King    

Sgt. 1st Class Steven Omps

Spc.  Richard Lafave    

Master Sgt. Ronnie Owens

Spc.  Daniel Langley    

Pfc. Fidel Padilla

Sgt.  Kurt Lundeen    

Pfc. Mecca Palmer

Spc.  Mario Lyons    

Sgt.  Michael Pastrano


Jolene Potanko    

Sgt.  John Spencer

Pfc. Matthew Purdon     

Spc.  Paul Stanley

Sgt.  Toribio Ramirez    

Spc.  Stovall, Ryan

Spc.  Chris Randolph     

Spc.  William Strehlow

Pfc. Robert Ray    

Spc.  Amurais Taveras

Spc. Desmond Reed     

Spc.  Ronda Tuberville

Pfc. Jermaine Reyes     

Sgt.  Elijah Turner

Pvt. Kyle Rodgers     

Spc.  David Ueno

Spc.  Reuben Severin    

Sgt.  Jammie Vasquez

Shatara Seymour    

Spc. Corey Walker

Chief Warrant Officer 2

Donald Sherman     

First Sgt. Jason Williams

Sgt.  Jordan Spaid     

Pvt. Lloyd Wright
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