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Thursday, 03 May 2012
By Tiffany Wood
Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office

More than 100 volunteers were recognized for their “selfless service and commitment to help others” Monday at the 2012 Installation Volunteer Recognition Awards Ceremony.

The theme for this year’s awards ceremony was “Volunteers: The Force Behind the Force.” According to Richard Baptiste, St. Roberts’ Citizen of the Year and the guest speaker for the event, there could not have been a more appropriate theme to describe Fort Leonard Wood’s Army Volunteer Corps.

“The installation volunteer corps is really the force behind the force,” Baptiste said. “Without this force of volunteers many could not receive help, many programs would be cut back, curtailed or even eliminated. You are truly a force, an unstoppable Army that listens with your hearts.”

Col. Charles Williams, Fort Leonard Wood garrison commander, agreed.

“We can’t do what we do on Fort Leonard Wood … without all the volunteers we have here,” Williams said. “Volunteers are the great unsung heroes on Fort Leonard Wood.”

Last year, nearly 2,000 volunteers were registered on Fort Leonard Wood serving about 130,000 hours and saving the post more than $2.7 million, said Rhonda Hutsell, Fort Leonard Wood’s Army Volunteer Corps coordinator.
Hutsell said through the generosity of their time and energy and their desire to help others volunteers make a huge difference in many people’s lives.

“To a volunteer, the act of giving really is the reward itself because volunteers live the experience that to give is to receive,” Hutsell said.

One such volunteer is Nadine Albrecht, who received the Emma Marie Baird Award for her contributions to the Army Community Service for the past 13 years, while serving as the Army Family Team Building Volunteer Program manager and master trainer. According to Hutsell, the Emma Marie Baird Award was established in 1988 to memorialize the late Lt. Col. Emma Marie Baird, who is considered the founder of ACS.

Maj. Gen. Mark Yenter, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general, also spoke at the event and shared an email from a spouse who had attended several classes taught by Albrecht.

“‘I wanted to let Fort Leonard Wood know they have great volunteers who do great work for their programs,”’ Yenter said as he read the email. “‘I will be a better Army wife through the experience (Nadine) shared and her willingness to devote her time to Army Families. When we move to our next duty station, I am inspired to go out and help others.’”

Regarding the post’s volunteers, Yenter said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Other awards included:
Volunteer of the Quarter, Jennifer Spare; Military Volunteer of the Year, Maj. Victor Baez-an; Retiree Volunteer of the Year, Wayne Janda; Civilian Volunteer of the Year, Mara Tate; Family Volunteer of the Year, Eugene, Wendi, Kaitlyn and Kelsey Blink; Youth Volunteer of the Year, Alex Diamond.

Angel Awards

Olivia Aldridge, Tom Bright, Lisa Clinton, Rhonda Darnell, Wayne Janda, Merle Jones, Jessica Mamac, Michelle McGee, Casey Morris, Gretchen Parsons, Amanda Powell, Lillie Smith and Jessica Staton.

Presidential Awards
Bronze (100-299 hours)

Ann Barr, Bryan Barwick, Daphne Bortell, TyLor Brown, Mary Dixon, Maria Duncan, Sheila Ferguson, Wendy Gonzalez, Fisher Hampshire, Markiea Holmes, Rachelle Hughes, Christina Hutchings, Annie Johnson, Ladell Johnson, Alina Jones, Diana Llanez, Amanda Powell, Sara Price-Redfern, Nicholette Morgan, Amanda Slack and Alanna Wilkinson.

(300-499 hours)

Corey Applegate, Tony Ashworth, Andrea Blue, Hilde Breivk, Michelle Briggs, Liliana Casanova, Christi Fields, Kyle Good, Sheree Keel, Erin Kunkel, Chrissie Lance, Frank Lewis, Victoria Lunceford, Melvin McNair, Jolita Mendivil, Paul Messier, Melissa Nalli, Carl Pope, Yvonne Seman, Arthur Stone, Melanie Thompson, Angelica Wasson and Sheri Wright.

(more than 500 hours)

Olivia Aldridge, Joe Bauatista, Debra Beach, Dayna Blanar, Louise Brennan, Nicole Brown, Angie Bryant, Kevin Clark, Rhonda Darnell, Henry Edmon, Amber Genereux, Christina Glew, Monica Good, Wayne Janda, Leanna Landreth, Lizbette Martinez, Christy McGill, Christine Mitchell, Ralph Reid, William Smith, Ingrid Sundquist, Mara Tate and Nicole Taylor.

Life Time
(more than 4,000 hours)

Nadine Albrecht, Casey Morris and Gabriela Gallagher
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