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Wednesday, 16 January 2013
By Dawn Arden
Assistant editor
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Sen. Roy Blunt, (R-Mo.), toured the Fort and attended a command briefing on Jan. 12, stopping off at the visitor’s center for a brief question and answer session.

Although he has been to Fort Leonard Wood three times in the last 18 months, this was Blunt’s first visit since he became a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month.

Blunt said the purpose of his visit was to discuss with the command group such items of importance as: military construction projects, the spending cuts and how they are going to affect the military, and how a sequestration could affect Missouri and Fort Leonard Wood.

According to Blunt, about 200,000 people in Missouri depend on the Department of Defense for a paycheck and Fort Leonard Wood has a big part in that work force.

Blunt said there is an obvious need to support the DoD work force in Missouri, but that the Defense budget has become  the place where some members of Congress are looking for substantial cuts in federal spending.

“I have to be sure we don’t do that at the expense of competitive Missourians, and even more (important) what is the number one priority of the federal government, which is defending the country. Fort Leonard Wood is an important part of that,” Blunt said.
Blunt stressed that with the large amount of troops that pass through Fort Leonard Wood, it is important that they receive continual support on a level that meets their needs and that they deserve.

Blunt thanked military and community leaders and plans on going back and convincing his colleagues that not everything can be cut by the same percentage just because of the downsizing.

There are still about the same amount of recruits coming in, so a closer look is going to be needed when it comes to where the cuts can be made, Blunt said.

“The downsizing of the military doesn’t necessarily mean you have fewer people come in the military,” Blunt said.

Missouri is one of the few states that have both of its senators on the Senate Armed Services Committee.
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