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Thursday, 28 March 2013
By Dawn Arden
Assistant editor
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With everything floating around the Internet about gun control one has to be careful to sort out fact from opinion-based information. Knowing the facts cannot only keep you out of trouble, but also save time and a lot of stress.

There are some websites out there that are reputable and built on providing training information and updates about the laws for your area. One of these sites for Missouri residents is; they offer information on obtaining concealed and carry weapons permits and list places that offer the training.

Social media sites are some of the worst places to get information, just because a friend posts something does not mean it’s true. Get information straight from official government sites such as the Missouri State Highway Patrol,, or any state or federally-sponsored site.

If moving to another location, be prepared and research that state’s weapons laws before you leave. Each Army post falls under Army Regulation 190-11, so it’s a good idea to become familiarized with it. They will also have their own post-wide regulations for weapons that you may also want to read before arriving. For Fort Leonard Wood this regulation is Fort Leonard Wood 190-6.

Now that the Exchange sells handguns, it allows a more convenient way to get your weapon of choice while supporting Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation and the military community with your dollars.

The ATF Form 4473 gives explicit instructions for the seller to establish the identity, place of residence, and age of the buyer. For the active duty this means bringing in a copy of their permanent change of station orders bringing them to Fort Leonard Wood along with their military ID.

E-Form 4473 must also be completed by both the purchaser and seller once the paper form is completed. Your purchase request will then be ran through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and will either be given a “proceed,” “delayed,” “cancelled” or “denied” status.

“If you have a common last name like Smith or Jones, it may cause a “delayed” status so they can make sure they have the right person,” Exchange officials said. “No student or trainee in anyway can buy a weapon per Fort Leonard Wood policy.”

    Employees at the gun counter have gotten the process down to a science so they can get you on your way as quickly as possible.

    “Depending on how busy we are, it takes on average 30 to 45 minutes to complete the process. During the big shopping seasons, it was taking us several hours,” officials said. “The best time of day to come in is either first thing in the morning or middle of the afternoon.”

    The Outdoor Adventure Center has a firing range and you can also contact Range Control for information about using the privately-owned weapons range. There are also some indoor handgun ranges around the area with one in Springfield at Bass Pro Shops and another one at Pistols Plus at the Lake of the Ozarks.

    Per FLW 190-6, “Firearms of personnel who reside on post will be kept under double lock when the quarters are left unattended. One lock may be the quarters entrance(s) and the second lock may be a locked container, trigger lock, or locked cable/chain/rod through the firearm’s trigger guard or barrel or storing the weapon in a locked room, closet, or cabinet. Firearms owned by officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted personnel living in any/all barracks or temporary lodging will be secured in the individual’s arms room when not in use.”

    There is an updated version of the FLW 190-6 in the approval process with an undetermined release date. One of the proposed changes is that all weapons must be registered when brought on to the installation, where in the current version only residents of the post had to register their weapons.

FMWR will host a Concealed Carry Weapons class at the Outdoor Adventure Center Apr. 14. This class is open to the public 21 years and older. You must be registered by the day prior to the date of class. If interested in attending this class, to get future class dates or for more information call 596.4223.

Concealed weapons are not allowed on Fort Leonard Wood.


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