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Thursday, 11 April 2013
By Robert Johnson
Managing editor
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The Military Police community took time out on April 4 to pay tribute to one of their fallen comrades by dedicating an MP range in his name.

Staff Sgt. James Ide V was killed in combat on Aug. 29, 2010, but he will remembered, as Range 13 was re-named in his honor during a ceremony on the special operations range complex.

“Staff Sgt. Ide died working with special operations forces in Afghanistan and this special operations complex itself is really special,” said Capt. Joshua Larson, 230th Military Police Company commander. “Having his name on the sign on this complex really brings to the forefront the special type of Soldier he was.”

Larson, who was Ide’s company commander, said Ide was often referred to as “Father Ide,” as he demonstrated a strong belief in his faith and was dedicated to his role as a mentor to other Soldiers.

“He was passionate about his profession, and he taught me about how to run a canine unit,” Larson said. “In that single moment when I learned Jimmy had died, it changed my life forever, as it did for everyone in my company, his family and all those that knew him.”

Larson went on to say that being a dog handler, as Ide was, is very similar to being a father.

“Both require the ability to be loving, caring, confident, stern and dedicated — Sgt. Ide demonstrated all these qualities, both professionally and as a father to his children,” Larson said.

“I made a promise to myself to never forget him and this dedication will ensure that future military police Soldiers will know him, too,” Larson said.

Speaking to Ide’s Family and the assembled guests, Brig. Gen. Mark Inch, U.S. Army Military Police School commandant, said that as new Soldiers to the MP Regiment are instilled with the Army values, Staff Sgt. Ide will be used as an example of what an MP Soldier should be.

Inch thanked Ide’s wife, Mandy, his children, Trinity and James, and his parents, James and Colleen Ide, for their sacrifice and told them that Sgt. Ide would be part of the MP community forever.

Ide’s canine, Daphne, was retired from active duty and the Ide Family was granted permission from the Army to adopt the dog.

The Staff Sgt. James R. Ide V Range Complex is part of the Special Operations Range complex, which also consists of a live fire shoot house, a marksmanship range, a squad and platoon trainer, an M203 grenade launcher trainer and a 50-foot rappel tower. The complex is designed for advanced law enforcement and anti-terrorist training.
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