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Thursday, 08 August 2013
Flood water rises up to the bridge going to the Piney Valley Golf Course following heavy rains Tuesday morning.
Story and photo by Melissa Buckley
GUIDON staff
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Chances are if you live or work on Fort Leonard Wood you saw the effects of the flash flooding Tuesday.

The East Gate was closed due to high water from excessive rainfall and runoff; several roadways and bridges were closed, and a few training areas were even affected.

“All of the low water crossings are full. It’s had a great impact on troop movement and start times,” said Keith Campbell, Range Operations planning specialist.

“Our inspectors run 24/7. They will be continually checking the water crossings and ranges,” Campbell said.

According to Terry Moore, Range Operations maintenance supervisor, they will be accessing damage for days to come.

“Right now, we are looking at many repairs to range and training area roads, along with severe target berm erosion. This was a very damaging weather event that will take weeks to recover from before we are back to normal,” Moore said.  

Training on the hand grenade range had to be postponed Tuesday morning due to high water in the pits.

“The problem is the instructors have to be able to see the hand grenade from the time it’s thrown until it detonates,” Campbell said.

When Range Eight was checked, the pop-up targets on the qualification range were under water.

“We will go out and evaluate the targets. They may need to replace the circuit board or target lift,” Campbell said.
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