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Thursday, 19 September 2013
By Melissa Buckley
GUIDON staff
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The 72nd Anniversary of the Military Police Corps Regiment will be celebrated next week with a theme of “Forging the Future — Professional, Ready, Resilient.”

“MP Regimental week is important, because it is the one time each year we gather to celebrate the great legacy of this Corps, reflecting on the many achievements and sacrifices made throughout the year. It is a time to renew our spirit in the pride of being a United States Soldier and military policeman,” said Brig. Gen. Mark Spindler, Military Police Corps Regiment chief and U.S. Army Military Police School commandant.

As the home of the regiment, Spindler said Fort Leonard Wood is the perfect place to hold the anniversary celebration.

“The majority of our present day MP Corps began their service to the nation here; honed their Soldier and leader development skills here. It is the ideal place for the past, present and future Soldiers of the Corps to unite,” Spindler said. “Fort Leonard Wood, the Maneuver Support Center and the surrounding communities are so supportive and generous in their desire to make this a quality event for all, it makes the experience that much more rewarding to host it here.”

The week starts with a Military Police Regimental Association reception Sunday. The Memorial Tribute is planned for 7:45 a.m., Monday at Memorial Grove, and Tuesday begins with the Regimental Run.

Spindler said all of the events are important and significant in their own unique way, but for him the Regimental Run is a highlight.

“To see all the brigade colors and unit guidons representing our great troops throughout the world streaming in the air, and the thousands of troops running with all the community lending their support and cheers seems to be the right culminating event — and gets after what we are trying to achieve — a bonding in the profession of arms,” he said.

Most of Tuesday will be filled with the State of the Regiment.

“In addition to promoting esprit-de-corps, a hallmark of the profession of arms, MP week serves as an important leader development experience,” he said. “It’s at this venue that we have the opportunity to gather with past, present and future leaders to discuss the topics and challenges our Corps and Army faces in the coming days and years,” Spindler said. “Because of fiscal constraints, most of the leaders in the MP Corps will not be able to attend this year’s regimental week as they did in times past. So, if they can’t come to us — we’ll go to them either virtually or through representation at each event. For example, all the commands have sent their colors to USAMPS to be flown in the events. Each brigade will be highlighted throughout the week and will have the opportunity to participate through video teleconferencing or teleconferencing.”

The Regimental Review takes place on Wednesday. There will be four new members inducted into the Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame on Thursday. Friday, will be the Regimental Golf Tournament. The week of celebration will wrap-up Saturday evening with the ball.

In addition to the week’s events, MPs on duty at the access control points, also known as the post’s gates, will be wearing historical helmet liners.

The M-l combat helmet was a nearly universal piece of equipment for American service members from its introduction in 1941 to its gradual replacement by the Kevlar helmet in the mid l 980’s.

Developed by the U.S. Army Infantry Board to replace the World War I era basin-style helmet, the new design featured a ‘pot’ shape.

Beginning in approximately 1943, helmets and liners worn by Military Police

utilized special identification markings, a practice that continued through the helmet’s operational history and is still specified in the 2005 edition of Army Regulation 670-l, “Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia”.

Spindler is looking forward to next week. He said he feels privileged to be a Soldier and military policeman.

“The skill, professionalism and physical and moral courage of our MPs both deployed and in our garrisons is unmatched within the force. MPs risk their safety and well being everyday to serve our troops and their Families — how can you not be proud to be on that team?” Spindler said.
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