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Thursday, 12 December 2013
By Dawn Arden
Assistant editor
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More than 180 individuals from Fort Leonard Wood received awards during the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Commanding General’s Appreciation of Excellence ceremony Dec. 3 at Baker Theater.

Civilians, military and youth were all recognized for various reasons, including their dedication to duty and volunteering.

Among those receiving awards was youth Makyah Adams, who said she had fun volunteering her time at “Kids Day.”

“I wanted make sure that the (other) kids could have the best day they possibly could,” Adams said.

Johnny Barber, Afghan Army Training Materials team member, and his coworkers also received awards for continued efforts in training the Afghan National Army.

Barber said team members have all made several rotations to the country. He has made three trips to the region so far.

Maj. Gen. Leslie Smith, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general, praised those receiving awards and the supervisors who took the time to submit the names.

“We talk about the Army profession and what it means to be a professional and they have demonstrated all of those things,” Smith said.  

Other winners included:

DES Awardees

Roy Conner

Kenneth Gremp

Bobbie Liveoak

Michael Sheek


Volunteer of the Quarter

LaDawnya Faulkner


Volunteer of the Quarter

Mary Britton



Makyah Adams, Pippin Youth Center

Kortni Wilkinson, Pippin Youth Center

Riley Phillips, School Age Services


FMWR catering  

Scotty Reed

Lois Matos

Erica Torre

Angela Nuera


FMWR Sports Champions

Commander’s Cup  

Garrison Command


The Environmental Recycling Award for 4th Quarter FY13

Captain Johnny Dotson Jr., USACBRNS


Also receiving individual awards  for excellence

Courtney Champagne,  

    Garrison Command

Marie Bernardy, USACBRNS

Staff Sgt. Elias Boice, 4th MEB

Shannon Cain, Garrison Command

Joseph Clabaugh, USAES

George Cottrell, USAES

Sgt. 1st Class Markquette Davis,          USACBRNS

Amanda Dubose, USACBRNS

Gwendolyn Elam, GLWACH

Pfc. Robert Engel, 4th MEB

Staff Sgt. Weston Farnsworth,      4th MEB

Patricia Gann, GLWACH

Ann Goldsmith, GLWACH

Illa Gomez, USAMPS  

Sgt. Liney Hernandez, 4th MEB

Spc. Ashley Irby, GLWACH

Tech.Sgt. Evan Jacobus, USAF 364         Training Squadron, Det 1

Robert Johnson, CDID

Pfc. Amanda Johnston, 4th MEB

Master Sgt. Lisa Kirk, USAMPS  

Paul Kelly, Garrison Command

Shannon Kelly, Garrison Command

Spc. Eric King, 4th MEB

Sgt. 1st Class Kerry Koepke,  

    4th MEB

Ronald Lutrell, USAES, 554th Engr. Bn.

1st Lt. Jordan Maurer, 4th MEB

Barbara Mayfield, USACBRNS

Capt. Jason Minor, 4th MEB

Michael Moske, USAES

Tammy Mullen, USAES

Lidia Newcomb, GLWACH

Shawn Nickels, Logistics      Readiness Center

Bryan Parker, Garrison Command

James Richardson, GLWACH

Charles Riggs, Senior Lab Techn,         DENTAC  

Staff Sgt. Autumn Rodriguez,      GLWACH

Staff Sgt. Daniel Ruegger, 4th MEB

Staff Sgt. Jonathon Sanchez, 4th MEB

Sgt. Anthony Swales, 4th MEB

Pfc. Antonio Thacker, 4th MEB

Spc. Ethan Thiel, 4th MEB

2nd Lt. Daniel Thomas, 4th MEB

Spc. Dustin Tower, 4th MEB

Vicki Wade, Garrison Command

Donna Walker-Berry, USAES

Sgt. Christopher Warren, USACBRNS

Amonique Warren, USACBRNS

Sgt. Michael Wilson, GLWACH

Sgt. Ian Yang, 4th MEB

Spc. Joo Yoo, 4th MEB


National Law Enforcement Explorers Academy Team

Capt. Michael Leggett

Staff Sgt. Kenneth Andrews

Spc. Stephanie Benson

Staff Sgt. Meliza Rodriguez

Spc. Ashley Wallace

Staff Sgt. Amy Myer

Staff Sgt. Joshua Roberts


DES Fire Prevention Team

Ralph Mills

Olaf Jensen

Tony Clark

Brent Saba

Jeff Bricker


Afghan Army Training  Materials Team

Eileen Flynn

Mason Still

William Harper

David Thiemann

Travis Carter

Johnny Barber

Chad Arnold

Jeffrey Burton

David Williams

Lee Coler

Christopher Conner

Robert Lortz

Hulon Smith


Basic Training Processing Team

Loyce Thornburg

Kelly McBride

Elizabeth Rightnowar

Peter Grenier

Joe Woodard


CBRN NCO Distance Learning  Redesign Team

Staff Sgt. Robert Carter

Staff Sgt. Garfield Harriott

Staff Sgt. Ron Taylor

Spc. Dustin Clark

Pfc. Jessica Enriquez

Staff Sgt. Stephen Leitold

Sgt. 1st Class Sydney Fleck

Sgt. Sarah Dinkins

Sgt. Mauricio Rios

Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth Applegate

Sgt. 1st Class Edilberto Anover

Staff Sgt. Shamal Rawlins


MSCoE Training Development Team

Carlton Crider

Steven Hoffman

Nancy Camp

Rodney Moss

Melissa Negrete

Justina Nering

Scott Razer

Nancy Sipes

Sarrah Toth


Truman Education Center Move Team

Staff Sgt. Nestor Ibarra

Staff Sgt. Parisia Sparks

Staff Sgt. Morgan Brian

Spc. Brian Desotel

Chevina Phillips

Earl McKee

Angela Garrett

William Morrow

Dennis Kiska


Installation Training Icehouse Team

Staff Sgt. Nestor Ibarra

Spc. Brian Desotel

Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Beaver

Staff Sgt. Joseph Bija

Staff Sgt. Daniel Spiker

Sgt. Joshua Wills


EOC Flood Response Team

Becky Haas

Rick Bowser

Troy Carney

Jose Aguilarleon

Mikel Smith

Cherie Pinkston


GLWACH Primary Pharmacy Team

Capt. Gregory Hare

Stephanie Gilbert

Kimberly Penn

Barry Courtney

Amy Routh

Gail Young

Dennis Payne

Curtis George

Thomas Keith

Robert Viguerie

Sgt. Travis Houskeeper

Sgt. Tatiana Mason

Spc. Kacey Cortes

Pfc. Montana Walden

Elfriede Sirett

Emmanuel Fajardo

Lesia Mayfield

Chloe Googe

Misty Brown

Dana Dobbs

Vanissa Stenson

Gloria Bransdor

Anniela Gottfried

Vella Carpenter

Karen Pearce

Cindy Gumm

Jhezel Powell

Vivian Algarin

Nancy Pimentel


GLWACH Color Guard Team

Sgt. 1st Class Kemesha Newton

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Richards

Sgt. Michael Armstead

Sgt. Teresa Arzu

Sgt. Merari Calopratts

Sgt. Tatiana Mason

Spc. Adam Cornelius

Spc. Jacob Rodenmayer

Spc. Nestor Solisdiaz

Spc. Cody Wertanen


GLWACH Adjutant Team

Merry Ross

Beverly Wilkerson

Joe Hunter


Organization Inspection  Program Team   

David Norwood

Sgt. 1st Class John Attardi

Melanie Thompson

Sgt. Richard Bray


Protective Mask Optical  Fabrication Team

Sgt. Jeremy Ball

Sgt. Jorge Laguna

Spc. John Varadore

Pfc. DJ Moreau

Marylyn Friend


Warrior Leader Course Prep  Training Team

Staff Sgt. Andre Hitt

Sgt. Roxanne Thompson

Sgt. Travis Houskeeper

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