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Thursday, 08 June 2017
By Capt. Crystal Doyle
Special to GUIDON

Today, owners can bring pets to more and more social venues – from dog parks to coffee shops to hotels.  But what is the proper way for your pet to behave?  

Although Fido is your best friend, others may not share the same feelings.  Below are some guidelines for common venues and pet events to keep everyone safe and happy.

Many cities have dog parks for owners and their pets to have off-leash playtime.  If your dog hasn’t been socialized with other animals, or has never been to a dog park, it is a great idea to keep them on a leash for the first time to see how they interact with other pets.  Let them sniff noses with other animals while maintaining control with the leash to make sure there isn’t any aggression.

If the interaction is positive, then allow your pet to play off leash while maintaining a close watch.  Whenever a pet shows aggression toward other animals or people, often the best thing to do is simply remove them from the situation until another day.

Another tip is to always clean up after your pet. It only takes a few minutes and keeps the area clean and free of any infectious diseases.  

When traveling with pets and staying overnight in a pet-friendly hotel, there are a few guidelines to follow.  

Always bring a kennel for your dog, and make sure they are placed into the kennel when leaving the room for an extended period. This will protect them from any unknown hazards in the room, and protect you from any unintended damage charges if your pet becomes distressed in your absence. It is best to not leave your pet unattended in the hotel room at all if it can be avoided.  

If your pet is not friendly, try to use back exits and avoid walking them through the lobby and common areas to limit interaction.  

Bringing your pet with you to visit someone’s home?  

Always ask about the rules of the home, and where pets are allowed or not allowed (such as on furniture). To keep them safe, do not leave them unattended or out of sight in case there are toxic plants or objects on the floor they may chew up or eat.  

Be respectful of other people in the home if they do not want a pet licking them or jumping up on them — place your pet in a different area or keep them next to you.

By taking a few precautions your “fur-children” can experience many activities with you, all while  staying safe and not offending others.

As a personal note to this article: I have enjoyed writing columns for the GUIDON over the past two years, and this will be my last article. I will PCS at the end of June to new a new duty site and the Fort Leonard Wood Veterinary Services will be under the great care of a new veterinarian in the coming months.  I wish the best of luck to everyone and their pets.

(Editor’s note: Doyle is a veterinarian with Fort Leonard Wood Veterinary Services.)
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