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Wednesday, 02 August 2017
Joseph Waters, 5th Engr. Bn., throws from the tee pad on the ninth hole during the inaugural Commanderís Cup Disc Golf Tournament Friday at Colyer Park. Looking on, from left to right, are 1st Engr. Bde. player Miranda Sanderson, 5th Engr. Bn. player James Stiger and 1st Engr. Bde. player Greg Shaneman. Waters and Stiger led the 5th Engr. Bn. team, shooting a one-over-par 28 on the nine-hole course.
Story and photos by Matt Decker
Assistant editor
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The 5th Engineer  Battalion won the inaugural Commander’s Cup Disc Golf Tournament Friday, taking first place with a low score of 63, while the 1st Engineer Brigade took second place with an 82 at Colyer Park.

From left, 5th Engr. Bn. team members Brian Kloiber, Jonathan Donavan, James Stiger and Joseph Waters celebrate after being presented with the 2017 Commanderís Cup Disc Golf Tournament championship trophy.
“It’s a challenging course with all the trees,” said 5th Engr. Bn. player Joseph Waters, who with teammate James Stiger, led all players with a one-over-par 28.

“It’s a nice little course — and it’s shaded, which is great when you’re playing in the heat like this,” Waters said shortly after he, Stiger, and teammates Brian Kloiber and Jonathan Donavan, who shot a 35, were presented with the tournament trophy.

Each unit team was comprised of four-person teams, with two players from each team paired with players from the opposing team.

The tournament followed a scramble format, with players playing from the lie of the best throw.

It was the first time the disc-golf course, which was installed last summer at the park, was used for a Commander’s Cup. While participation in the inaugural tournament consisted of only two teams, several of those who participated said they would gladly do so again.

“This is the very first time I’ve ever played disc golf,” 1st Engr. Bde. player Greg Shaneman said. “I like it a lot. I don’t know much about it, but it seems to be a very good course with all the different obstacles.”

It was also the first time playing for Stiger.

 With her 1st Engr. Bde. teammate David Park looking on, Allisha Samuelu putts on the ninth hole.
With her 1st Engr. Bde. teammate David Park looking on, Allisha Samuelu putts on the ninth hole.
“I really enjoyed it,” he said. “I’ve been meaning to get into disc golf, because I used to play  a lot of ultimate Frisbee back in high school and college. So, I thought it was awesome. I plan on playing again.”

In fact, the only player with any significant previous experience was Waters.

“I have played for awhile,” he said. “I started playing in junior high and high school, and I’ve continued to play since then. My Family is really into it.”

Getting to earn points for his unit by playing one of his favorite sports was a bonus, Waters said.

“I’ve been hoping since I saw (the course) going up last summer that it would be made part of the Commander’s Cup,” he said.

Danny Howell, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation sports specialist, said disc golf has already been added to the 2018 athletic calendar. Although participation for this year’s tournament was low, Howell said disc golf is a growing sport that’s still catching on across much of the country.

“We’ll try again and try to get more participation,” he said. “We thought we would capitalize on the course being here, by adding disc golf to the Commander’s Cup calendar,” Howell said. “It’s one of those sports that not everybody plays, but many times people who play these types of activities don’t play any other sports. So, it’s an opportunity for people who don’t play the ‘major sports,’ such as softball, soccer, flag football, etc., to participate in the Commander’s Cup program and benefit from the teamwork, camaraderie and esprit de corps that the program provides.”

Authorized personnel who want to try out disc golf can do so. Howell said disc sets are available for checkout at Davidson Fitness Center.

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