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Wednesday, 09 August 2017
By Chaplain (Maj.) Daryl Densford
Special to GUIDON

The gospel reading for this coming Sunday is Matthew 14:22-33.

In it, we find Jesus walking on rough waters during a storm to join his disciples whom he had sent ahead by boat. Even though the water was battering the boat and striking fear into the disciples, Peter joined Jesus on the stormy waters, climbing out of the safety of the boat into the storm-tossed water and walked toward Jesus. However, looking around and noticing the strong wind, the splashing water and his distance from safety, Peter began to sink and cried out to Jesus to save him.

Immediately, Jesus reached out and rescued him, then they walked together on the water back to the boat at which time the wind miraculously stopped blowing.

When Jesus first approached the disciples, they were terrified, fearing he was a ghost but they were calmed by his simple words, “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.”

Too many times we forget that even during our fear, Jesus is near. He knows where we are and is willing to bring calm to our storms.

When Peter found himself in need of rescue, Jesus was there for him. We often find ourselves in the midst of a proverbial storm, in need of help. In those times, we need to remember that just as Jesus reached out to Peter, he will reach out to us when we call to him.

At the end of this scene, after Jesus relieved their fears, rescued Peter from drowning, then calmed the storm, the disciples worshiped him, confessing Jesus as the Son of God.

It is more common for us to call on God when we are in need or afraid, but we should also remember him when things get better.

We need to worship him in bad times and good; we need to thank him for his work in our lives; we need to praise him for the good he does.

So, when you are afraid, call on Jesus. When you are in the midst of trouble, call on Jesus. When God is working in your life and things are good, call on Jesus. He will reach out to you.

(Editor’s note: Densford is the Fort Leonard Wood chaplain’s resource manager.)
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