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Thursday, 05 October 2017
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By Maj. Gen. Kent Savre and Command Sgt. Maj. Jon Stanley
Special to GUIDON
Each year on the second Monday of  October, we celebrate Columbus Day — the first federal holiday in fall and a day that commemorates Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America more than 500 years ago.  

Fall also marks the transition to cooler temperatures, bright colors and outdoor activities unique to the heart of America.

On Monday and over the holiday weekend, we hope that you to enjoy your time with friends and Family while staying safe.

Whether you are traveling or staying local, practicing risk mitigation can prevent needless injuries or mishaps.

Always wear a safety belt while operating a motor vehicle, and never drive under the influence of intoxicating substances.

Use proper Personal Protective Equipment when riding motorcycles or off-road vehicles. If you hunt, be vigilant; wear ear and eye protection, and handle your firearm safely.  

Watch out for one another, and always have a plan.   

Remember: enjoy your holiday, but make the right decisions. We are all critical to the success of our Fort Leonard Wood team of teams, and every loss impacts our mission and readiness.

We are counting on you to use good judgment and to return safely after your well-deserved break.

We are proud to serve with you. Victory starts here, victory through skill.

(Editor’s note: Savre is the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general. Stanley is the MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood command sergeant major.)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 October 2017 )