Local children save FLW from 'Zombie Attack' Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 November 2017
Story and photo by Andrea Smith
Public Affairs Office

Approximately 700 children came out to assist the Directorate of Emergency Services hunt and take down zombies, Oct. 27 on Fort Leonard Wood.

With the combined efforts of several volunteers and support from AAFES, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program, Captains Career Course, Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course and many others, children were able to spend the evening battling zombies and collecting candy in the Post Exchange parking lot.
Youth from the community fire toy weapons at a zombie during Fort Leonard Wood's Directorate of Emergency Services' Zombie attack. Approximately 700 children came out for the annual event which was a combined effort with DES, AAFES, BOSS, Captains Career Course, MP Basic Officer Leader Course and more.

Capt. Edward Mchenry, DES operations officer, explained that the purpose of Zombie Attack was to bring the community together and allow the children to have fun.

“Enabling kids to be active participants in helping law enforcement is very important,” Mchenry said. “This not only allows them to have fun, but it also allows them to create a good relationship with law enforcement.”

The idea originally came from DES Director Lt. Col. Graham Swenson in 2016 when he arrived to the installation. Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Dillard and Capt. Kenneth Crowe were also key organizers of the event.

“The purpose of this event is for the kids to have fun but it is also a representation of love for our community,” Swenson said.

“We had so many volunteers who came out on their own time and donated several hours just to make this event happen,” he said. “This is also a good representation of how much the law enforcement and the fire department of Fort Leonard Wood truly care for their community.”

Camelin siblings, Liliana and Joseph, became a team and fought off the "evil undead."

“The best part of the zombie hunt was the bus because you never knew when something was going to jump out,” said Liliana.

Volunteers were transformed into zombies with the help of several make-up artists who worked for hours, giving volunteers the best zombie appearance possible. The children were all given toy weapons to fight off the evils that lurked around patrol vehicles, inside a bus and through various obstacles.  

“The whole event was really fun and we would definitely want to come back next year,” said Joseph. “They handed out candy when we were standing in line so it made the whole event even better.”

In the end, the children were also given the opportunity to trunk or treat with volunteers from the 795th Military Police Battalion.
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