New regs change feral-hog hunting rules Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 February 2018
By William Force
Special to GUIDON

Changes made to the Fort Leonard Wood hunting and fishing regulations on Jan. 23 mean feral hogs may no longer be specifically pursued or hunted on the installation. 

Regulations have changed regarding feral hogs on Fort Leonard Wood. Feral hogs may only be harvested by hunters with valid deer permits during deer season.
The only time hogs may be taken is when the hunter is deer hunting.  That means if it is deer season — the next one being Sept. 15 through Jan. 15, 2019 — and the hunter has a valid unfilled deer-hunting permit in their possession and a hog approaches, the hunter may legally take the hog.

The update to the regulation will reduce conflicts with feral-hog hunting activities and intensive control efforts by land managers and comply with federal and state land management agencies in Missouri.

The change to Fort Leonard Wood Regulation 210-21 reads as follows: “Feral hogs may be taken on Fort Leonard Wood (FLW) only incidentally while hunting for deer following all legal seasons, restrictions and methods. Specifically, baiting, trapping and the use of dogs to pursue feral hogs is not authorized on FLW.”

Season concludes: Time to remove tree stands

The fall deer and turkey season of 2017-2018 season ended Jan. 15, meaning now is the time to retrieve tree stands that remain in the hunting areas.

The Missouri Wildlife Code and Fort Leonard Wood Hunting and Fishing Regulation 210-21 require hunters to have tree stands removed by Feb. 1.

During the season, Fort Leonard Wood hunters harvested a total of 467 deer on the installation. One hundred and fifty-three antlered deer, 48 button bucks and 266 does were harvested.

The warnings and citations issued over the course of the season were preventable simply by reviewing the Missouri Department of Conservation Fall Deer and Turkey Regulations, which are free and may be picked up at the Outdoor Recreation Center or any vendor that sells Missouri hunting permits.

iSportsman successful

The iSportsman web based system was implemented this season and was lauded by many users for the ease of check-in and the useful information that continues to be posted on the iSportsman portal at

Hunters must remember to confirm their check-out from the hunting area(s), as this caused some to be temporarily placed on administrative hold until making contact with Conservation Law Enforcement officers.

For more information, contact the Conservation Law Enforcement office at 573.596.5002 or 573.433.6000 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

(Editor’s note: Force is a Conservation Law Enforcement officer for Fort Leonard Wood.)