Suicide prevention Be there
Thursday, 07 September 2017
By Maj. Gen. Kent Savre and Command Sgt. Maj. Jon Stanley
Special to GUIDON

September is Suicide Prevention Month — a time when we emphasize resilience, trust, awareness and mental well-being among our teammates at Fort Leonard Wood.

It is everyone’s responsibility to foster an environment where we can all thrive.

We all depend on one another during stressful times in life. This year, the Department of Defense’s suicide prevention theme, “Be There,” reminds us that establishing bonds and taking action to support one another can make all the difference.

We ask that you be cognizant of behaviors that are out of the ordinary, such as substance abuse, withdrawal, angry outbursts or loss of interest in daily activities.

As a team and a Family, we must continue to exemplify the skills that build resiliency in our culture  and be there to A.C.E. — Ask, Care and Escort — at the earliest signs of trouble.

Suicide is a tragedy. The loss of a loved one is devastating to Families, units and military readiness. Leaders must maintain a climate where individuals can act without fear of stigma and are willing to step forward for help.

There are several services and resources on post that can potentially  change the course of someone’s life, such as the Installation’s Chaplains Office, General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital and Army Community Service.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can also provide help at 800.273.8255. If you or someone that you know is in need, please take action for assistance.  

As a Team of Teams, we stand shoulder to shoulder and find hope and strength together. We are grateful for each of you and your service to our nation, and we count on you to sustain our force. Be there!

Victory starts here, victory through skill.

(Editor’s note: Savre is the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general. Stanley is the MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood command sergeant major.)
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 September 2017 )